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We are here to lead your IT into the future, there’s no challenge we won’t look at. We want to take your business to the next level of digital transformation. Everyone deserves you to have a GURU who knows what’s best for your company big or small, to be your trusted adviser.

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Our History

We have a rich history of installing and supporting the technology that runs a wide variety of businesses. The reason why we are able to do this so successfully is due to our own unique history.

GURU iT was formed in 2008 when BITE IT and OPEN-E, two established companies, saw the opportunity to combine their different specialities and experience in order to offer you a wider range of IT services.

BITE iT was founded in 2002 by Marius Truter, a qualified MCSE MCP+I A+ N+ engineer, and specialised in hardware and software installation, Networking, gaming environments, and server support. OPEN-E, on the other hand, specialised in Internet, security, and hosting services.

Together, the 2 companies are able to offer over 25 years’ worth of consolidated, expert IT experience, as well as multiple services to their clients through GURU iT.

In addition to this offering we also pride ourselves on prioritising a positive customer service experience with our clients, believing that when you come to GURU iT, you come to build lasting relationships with a team who will always go the extra mile for you.

Our Skills

We understand that technology is one of the strongest tools at your business’ disposal. It contributes to your efficiency, profitability, and ultimately, ensures that you are able to successfully deliver on your overall business strategy. Of course, that’s when it’s working.

When technology fails it causes headaches, drains your resources, and reduces your business’ profitability.

That’s where GURU IT steps in. As a company, we are loyal, client-centric, and focused on providing you with superior networking, planning, assistance, and support. We also offer a variety of products to help ensure that technology is always the wind at your business’ back!

Given our over 25 years’ worth of experience, which you can read about here, we take great pride in having extensive IT exposure and offering a wide range of services and products. Not only that, but we offer you the unique opportunity to choose from our flexible IT support and maintenance options.

Our Team’s Core Skills

More about our Team

We are enthusiastic about our competent, motivated, and dynamic staff! As a client-centric company we ensure that each of your IT requirements and services are treated in a professional and confidential manner. In fact, you should consider the GURU IT team at your disposal! Each member of our team is up to speed on pertinent issues within the IT industry and are continuously engaged in training, research, and development to enhance their skills and competencies.

As a Team, We Are Committed To:

  • We say what we mean – if we commit to a deadline or budget, we stick to it
  • We will respond to your request within an hour or less
  • Our gurus speak in plain English – no misunderstandings or ‘Geek Speak’
  • We promise 100% customer satisfaction
  • Lightning Fast Repairs We keep you informed – no unexpected surprises


Marius Truter - Guru IT


Marius Truter

Qualifications A+, N+, MCP+I, MCSE, OM

+27 82 876 0662

Marius Truter


Systems Engineer

Gareth Schultz

Qualifications MSCE, FSNA

+27 79 885 1911

Gareth Schultz

Systems Engineer

Rudolph Botha

Qualifications MCSE Server, MCSE Private Cloud

+27 64 518 8208

Technical Team Leader

Vaughn Fouche

Qualifications: A+, N+, MCP, MSCA, MCSE, MCTS, Security+, CCNSP, IT Management

+27 82 603 6221

Vaughn Fouche