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We are here to lead your IT into the future, there’s no challenge we won’t look at. We want to take your business to the next level of digital transformation. Everyone deserves you to have a GURU who knows what’s best for your company big or small, to be your trusted adviser.

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Services Provided by Guru IT

Here is a break down of our pricing plans and service offerings.


Break-Fix Plan

During our 25 years of operating in the IT industry we’ve seen many IT service providers offer inflexible support services to individuals and businesses. Due to this, many businesses find themselves struggling with their technology and experiencing dreaded downtime and frustration. That’s why we’ve created three different plans, the simplest of which is our Break-Fix Plan!

Even if you don’t have a need for full-time IT specialists or ongoing support, you will sooner or later you will face an IT issue that no amount of Googling for a solution will solve. That’s where our Break-Fix Plan steps in! This option is what we affectionately term ‘Re-Active’, because we act on the issue and you only pay for the costs related to your ‘once-off’ issue.



Pre-Paid Plan

With our Pre-Paid Plan you can purchase a set amount of hours of expert IT Support time from GURU IT. This option allows you to buy hours upfront at discounted rates. Much like our Break-Fix Plan, this plan is also what we would call ‘Re-Active,’ meaning that we act on the issues at hand, solving them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You might be wondering what happens to the hours that go unused… Never fear! These aren’t lost – they are merely carried over into the new month. With us, you truly experience value for money!



General Services

We also offer you the advantage of general services. Here’s a snapshot of the general services that we offer, which will help you become acquainted with how we can assist you outside of our well formulated plans.

Backups – Onsite, offsite, Hosted. Asset Tracking – Computer and Network.
Consulting and Project Management. Disaster and Data Recovery. E-Mail, Anti-spam, Archiving, Hosted Exchange. Hardware and Software, Sales and Supply Internet Connectivity ADSL Solutions. Fibre. Wireless Broadband. GSM Solutions – Mobile Broadband Failover Office 365 – Deployment, Support. Google Apps – Deployment, Support. Rentals of Software and Hardware. Network – Deployment, Connectivity and Management. 3rd Party support – Pastel, Quickbooks, CAD Applications. Security – Audits, AV, Firewall and Internet usage monitoring. Server – File, AD, Print, NAS and Virtualization. Managed Services – Support and Maintenance Agreements. Hosting – Website, Collaboration, Email, Virtual Machines, Domain Management.



Managed IT Services

In addition to our ‘Re-Active’ plans, we also offer you the opportunity to ensure that your business benefits from a more proactive solution for your business’ IT needs with our Managed IT Services.

ur Managed IT Services is proactive in nature and the result is that you get the advantage of so many more benefits. The least of these is because we will be able to provide IT managed services using a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform. This allows us to continually monitor the health and performance of your IT network, supporting early detection and remediation of issues BEFORE any data loss or disruption to day-to-day business activities.
Here’s a snapshot of the benefits of choosing this more pro-active approach:

Peace of mind, knowing that your networks are always secure and operational with no surprises or unexpected expenses
With a robust RMM platform we will be able to oversee your IT assets and network 24/7 and alerts us to a potential issue right away
Eliminates business disruptions with a centralised dashboard which allows for a lot more remote diagnosis and remediation of the issue by one of our gurus
You can take a more comprehensive look at the different levels, from Bronze all the way through to our Platinum package, to see what you can include with your Managed IT Plan below.


Clients we work with

In addition to this offering we also pride ourselves on prioritising a positive customer service experience with our clients, believing that when you come to GURU IT, you come to build lasting relationships with a team who will always go the extra mile for you.

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Reasons to choose Guru IT

Here is a list of all the reasons that you would love working with us compared to other companies.