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General Terms and Conditions

  • If a repair quotation is rejected a quotation fee of R150 will be charged.
  • All quotes will remain valid for a period of 5 days from date of quote.
  • The validity of any price is subject to any increases in the cost price of the company before release of goods.
  • If the return of goods takes place after 48 hours from the date of invoice, a credit will be passed, provided goods are in same condition as on purchase date, including all manuals, driver discs, original packaging and original tax invoice. No cash refunds under any circumstances.
  • No credit will be issued at all if the return is later than 30 days after the date of the purchase.
  • A 15% handling charge will be issued for drivers disks not returned with their original packaging, original tax invoice, software and manuals, whether within the 7 days or not. No cash refunds.
  • Before a credit is passed items will be tested or sent to original suppliers for a detailed report.
  • A 10% deposit is required with order. Deposits are non-refundable. If order is cancelled, deposit is forfeited. Components or PC’s ordered will be cancelled after 2 days if not collected.
  • Back orders that have come into stock will be cancelled 2 days after completion. Upgrades/Repairs not collected within 30 working days will be sold to defray costs.
  • Due to software piracy no warranty on any software, no refund, no swop out, no exchange on any software including Microsoft products. Price and specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Guru I.T. will not repair any laptop or printer on site as these will be sent to suppliers for repairs. Only laptops and printers purchased from Guru I.T. will be sent to suppliers for repairs
  • The warranty is only valid for Guru I.T. clients within its warranty period. New hardware has a 12-month carry-in warranty from date of purchase.
  • The warranty will be void if the serial number or the label is missing. The warranty will be void if items are written on or tampered with.
  • Should the goods be defective within 7 days of purchase, they will be replaced immediately after being tested by Guru I.T. ‘s qualified technicians, excluding printers, monitors, modems, speakers, scanners and UPS units.
  • Guru I.T. will replace or repair the items if a performance failure has occurred within the warranty period.
  • Items that can be repaired by Guru I.T. will not be swapped out. (Swap out does not include: printers, monitors, modems, speakers, scanners and UPS units).
  • A component will be declared void and out of warranty if goods are damaged due to mishandling, negligence, lightning strikes or power surges.
  • Guru I.T. does not accept liability for loss or damage to cables, software or ink cartridges with booked-in goods.
  • Guru I.T. is not liable for any loss of data or theft, which may occur while in the possession of the clients’ hardware.
  • Any CPU that is over clocked and got damaged will void warranty.
  • Supplier Lead-Time for warranty repairs is 21 working days. No warranty on consumables. i.e. Blank cd’s, cartridges, etc.
  • Consumables i.e. Blank CD’s, Toner or Ink cartridges, etc. can only be returned sealed for a refund. E&O.E.

Labour Terms Standard

  • Labour Rates are billed at R 350.00 Per Hour Excluding VAT.
  • Consulting and or Specialized Labour are billed at R 500.00 Per Hour Excluding VAT.
  • Afterhours or Weekend work is billed at double the standard hourly rate.
  • Office Hours are 08h00 to 17h00 Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays.
  • First hour onsite, remote support, telephonic support is billed at a minimum of one hour onsite with thirty minute increments thereafter.
  • Travelling within a 50 KM radius of Guru I.T. Offices is free of charge anything beyond that will be billed at standard AA Rates per KM.
  • Accommodation if required, Customer will be liable for the Hotel, Motel, Holiday in or accommodation fee plus out of town allowance of R 500.00 Per Day.
  • Service level agreement terms and conditions will take precedence over these terms and conditions.

1. Purchase Price and Payment Terms

  1. The Customer shall pay the amount on the Order at the offices of Guru I.T.. , prior to delivery by:
    • (a) Direct deposit of cash or internet banking into the Guru I.T.. bank account. Bank account details are with the provisions of this Agreement; available on request from Guru I.T.. The original bank deposit slip or a screen print of the transaction 
    • (b) If the Customer is a Credit Approved Customer, payment must be after Guru I.T.. issues a tax invoice and in accordance with the provisions of the last date Credit Approval Letter issued to the Customer by Guru I.T.
  2. The Customer agrees that no extension of payment terms of any nature will be extended to the Customer. Extension of payment terms will only be enforceable if agreed to in writing by a duly authorized representative of Guru I.T.
  3. All discounts will be forfeited if payment is not made in full by the due date.
  4. Guru I.T. shall be entitled to invoice separately each delivery or performance
  5. The Customer agrees that interest shall be payable on any monies due to Guru I.T. at the maximum legal interest rate permitted in law (and if no maximum amount is permitted in law, at a rate of 10% (ten percent) above the Prime Rate), compounded and calculated from the date it falls due.

2. Delivery Terms

  1. Partial delivery shall not affect the payment period where a credit period has been approved and where no credit period has been approved the customer shall pay the full purchase price, notwithstanding partial delivery. 
  2. Any delivery date indicated by Guru I.T. shall merely be regarded as the estimated date of delivery and shall not bind Guru I.T. to effect delivery on or near such date. Any failure for whatsoever reason on the part of Guru I.T. to deliver the goods in accordance with the dates requested by the customer, shall not constitute a reason to withhold, defer or set off, either in whole or in part the purchase price or give rise to a claim for damages. 
  3. The customer shall accept delivery whenever it is tendered and shall not be entitled to resile from the agreement, nor to withhold or defer any payment, nor to a reduction in price, nor to any other right or remedy against Guru I.T., its servants, agents or any other persons for whom it is liable in law (in whose favour this constitutes a stipulatio alteri) whether for losses, costs, damages, expenses, interest or otherwise (eiusdem generis) on account of delays in effecting delivery, partial delivery or non-delivery, whether occasioned by any negligent (including grossly negligent) act or omission on the part of Guru I.T., its servants, agents or any other persons for whom it is liable in law, or not.
  4. If delivery of any particular order is to be effected in consignments, Guru I.T. shall not be obliged to deliver any part of the order until the purchase price which is due in respect of the part of the order which has already been delivered has been paid. 
  5. Guru I.T. shall have the right to deliver any portion of the goods sold, or make provision for delivery of all the goods sold, and to invoice the customer therefore and the customer shall accept such goods when tendered. 
  6. If the goods are to be delivered by road, the customer shall be obliged to procure that the delivery destination shall be easily accessible to road transport vehicles. The customer shall be responsible for off-loading the goods at the delivery destination. If the goods are to be delivered by rail, the customer shall be responsible for collection of the goods at the railhead. 
  7. The customer shall be obliged to inspect all goods upon delivery and shall endorse the delivery note as to any missing or damaged goods. No claims for missing or damaged goods shall be valid unless the delivery note has been endorsed as aforesaid and unless, in addition, the customer notifies Guru I.T. in writing within 3 business days of the delivery of the goods of the claim question and the goods relating to such claim, furnishing full details in regard thereto. The customer shall bear the onus of proving that upon delivery any goods are missing or damaged or that the customers order was in any way not complied with. 
  8. If Guru I.T. is unable to deliver the goods to the customer due to any act or omission on the part of the customer, it shall be entitled to charge the customer for the storage of the goods. 
  9. The customer shall be obliged to furnish information necessary to enable delivery of the relevant goods to be effected and if the customer fails or refuses to do so, or if it fails or refuses to take delivery, the goods shall be deemed to have been delivered to the customer upon notification. 
  10. If Guru I.T. agrees to engage a third party to transport the goods, Guru I.T. is hereby authorised to engage a third party on the customer’s behalf and on the terms deemed fit by Guru I.T. The customer hereby indemnifies Guru I.T. against any claims that may arise from such agreement against Guru I.T. The customer shall reimburse Guru I.T. for any costs incurred in arranging special delivery, including but not restricted to, the costs of necessary disbursements and insurance. Any documentation purporting to evidence the said extra costs will be deemed to be prima facie proof thereof. 
  11. The signatory and the customer hereby warrant that the signatory to any tax invoice, delivery note or other documentation of Guru I.T. made out in the name of, or to the customer, is duly authorised to bind the customer in respect of the relevant transaction.